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Speakers Bluetooth Tronsmart

Speakers Bluetooth Tronsmart is a high-quality music equipment for amateur and professional use. In our offer you will find speakers wireless, which connect to phone or tablet via Bluetooth. These are portable speakers, which can serve you during karaoke parties - many of them have a microphone included, while relaxing by the water or while hiking. In our shopie you will also find speakers portable pre-paid and USB-based, which will be your mobile party sources.

Speakers Bluetooth

Speakers Bluetooth are devices that allow you to listen to music without electricity. To turn on your favorite tunes, you don't need an electrical outlet. Speaker it connects to any mobile device like phone or tablet using wireless technology. Our speakers support Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 5.3, which ensures compatibility with most smartphones on the market.

In our shopu offer you will find big speakers Bluetooth providing full sound at the highest level. They are the right equipment for larger outdoor events, karaoke, or watching a game together. They provide high power, reaching up to 120 W, which gives up to 15 hours of uninterrupted operation.

In the Shop you can also buy small speakers Bluetooth, which are designed for active and traveling people. They reach a range of 10 meters and, despite their small size, are able to reflect high-quality sound regardless of the type of song. They are available with power from 5 watts to 10 watts in many colors and functional variants.

Speakers wireless

Speakers wireless is the most convenient way to play your favorite songs without additional cables. This equipment, when charged (depending on the power), can work for 10, 18 or 24 hours without interruption. This gives you a huge amount of time to have fun with friends, dancing together or karaoke until the pale dawn. Speakers Tronsmart wireless thanks to its equipment provides clear and loud treble sound and powerful deep bass sound.

We offer phone speakres tronsmart brands that easily connect to your smartphone or tablet. You can operate them remotely, from up to 15 meters away. This is done with the application dedicated speakerom to phone Tronsmart. With it you can control the sound volume and change songs. For a professional sound adjustment, you can use the equalizer and adjust the filters so that your music sounds perfect.

For special events, choose karaoke speakers. This equipment is tailored for events where singing reigns supreme, guaranteeing a clear and crisp sound of your voice and a great time. Many speakerkaraoke sets come with a wireless microphone that will make you feel like a star. You can connect a guitar to speakerów and enjoy the full musical experience.

Speakers portable

Speakers tronsmart portables offer convenient transportation in addition to high sound quality. They were created with easy portability in mind, which is why almost every model comes with mount, bag or lanyard. This allows you to place or hang speakers portable anywhere for the best acoustics. They are waterproof, so you can hold outdoor events or trips to the water without fear of damage.

There are several types of mobile speakers, they differ because of the built-in ports. The most popular are card portable speakers, which include a slot for a Micro SD/TF card. This means you can operate speaker without an additional mobile device like phone. On the touch panel of speakerów you will find all the buttons for intuitive operation.

Less popular, but still in demand, is another type: portable USB speakers. They have a built-in USB-A port, which is used to insert an external memory in the form of a flash drive. Exactly like speakers for a card, operation is done without an additional device.

Most speakerof the Tronsmart ones in our range charge using the USB-C cable included in the kit. This is the same cable, which is used to charge your phone.